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Old people are funny.

Last weekend was the first time I really shopped for clothes. I bought these second-hand when visiting a friend. I was attracted to them. It says 'Norvyk' on the sweater's tag. Those down there are my grandpa's slippers.
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I've always hid under dark clothes. This is a breakway for me.
My 11-year-old sister says I like to dress like an old person, and she was embarrassed to be seen with me. I say that I like some Middle Eastern things, especially hand-made.
I was expecting I'd be looked at strangely when I took a walk with this. But, I didn't. Stupid me.

This is underneath. I always wear a sweater, a shirt, socks, and pants underneath everything I wear. It's cold.
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Anyone live in Vancouver? I am looking for some cool coloured eyeglasses (that don't have to be real).
(I am trying to make like some sort of style for myself. This is the first experiment.)
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