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this is what i looked like before the devil's wedding

date: 25th september

event: dress like its the devils wedding party

persona: the devil's bride

what: polka dot top from some shop, last minute purchase. (forgot i already had two tops very similar)

black and white stripy skirt. bought this in vienna, one of my favourites. now i wear it as a cute dress

necklaces: fake peals from my friend nat's grandma. other pearlesques: from a huge bag of plastic jewellery that my friend inherited from a kaput paddy's market stall

earrings: black plastic thunderbolts from a birthday package my friend sent me from tokyo

hair oh so white: magic silver white, a godsend

black fishnets with little polka dots: go to myer quickly and pick yourself up some, small stock, going quickly, coz i keep on getting holes


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