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11:54pm 02/03/2006
I got 6" of skirt cut off!
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07:55pm 11/01/2006
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My favorite piece of clothing, a jean smock dress, over black jeans.
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Grocery-Shopping Outfit 
09:40pm 20/11/2005
01:51am 02/11/2005
  Hey I was posting on a different site and then remember that no one ever posts here anymore:

United Bamboo Jacket
APC jacket and denim miniskirt
Karen Walker clown skull tank
Sigerson Morrisson flats
Florian Denicourt bag
Ummmm and a silver Complete, a cast Stanton headshell
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10:01pm 14/08/2005
1. Seoul Transit System bandana courtesy of deadbatteries
2. Fink Diamond Soul shirt
3. Levi Khaki Jeans
4. Minnetonka Mocassins

A contemporary variation on a 1960s theme.
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x-posted to a couple other communities 
12:30pm 25/06/2005
  Just wondering... How do you all store your shoes and handbags? I seem to have gathered a plethora of those items, and am having trouble trying to figure out how to store them. Any ideas?

Thank you!
11:07pm 23/04/2005

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I know no one has posted in this community for a while, but I found it in a friend's journal and thought it was a lovely idea. I'd "record" something more stylish (and more in-focus), but all I seem to be wearing this week is my (last clean) suit, lately. Does that mean I'm growing up?
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Old people are funny. 
06:33pm 01/04/2005
  Last weekend was the first time I really shopped for clothes. I bought these second-hand when visiting a friend. I was attracted to them. It says 'Norvyk' on the sweater's tag. Those down there are my grandpa's slippers.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I've always hid under dark clothes. This is a breakway for me.
My 11-year-old sister says I like to dress like an old person, and she was embarrassed to be seen with me. I say that I like some Middle Eastern things, especially hand-made.
I was expecting I'd be looked at strangely when I took a walk with this. But, I didn't. Stupid me.

This is underneath. I always wear a sweater, a shirt, socks, and pants underneath everything I wear. It's cold.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyone live in Vancouver? I am looking for some cool coloured eyeglasses (that don't have to be real).
(I am trying to make like some sort of style for myself. This is the first experiment.)
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11:00pm 29/03/2005
  Is this community still working? :O o...  
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06:01pm 03/03/2005
  Hello, friends. I invite you all to come participate in my latest social experiment, the Choose What Clothes I Wear Competition. Visit my LJ to find out more.  
11:19pm 14/02/2005
  I call this the "communist hobo." My girlfriend is sporting the fashionable "wiggleworm" style.
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01:02am 22/12/2004
No one posts here anymore! Oh well, my closet is chock full of graphic shirts. This is a sampling.
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t-shirts (and atarashii megane) 
09:28am 30/10/2004
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11:40am 28/10/2004

when it/s winter i/ll probably triple that.

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outfit - autumn proper 
01:24am 27/10/2004
mood: cheerful
finally it's autumn! and am i LOVING whats in the stores!? all velvet jackets and tweed fabrics and wooly jumpers and skivvies! it's college season! this is the stuff we'd always wear and buy in second hand stores, but it'd be ratty and falling apart and your mum would be sewing it back together seam by seam until it finally gave up.

now you can get NEW ones! silkier, sharper... oh my god! why did this stuff EVER go away?

i guess i'll be bored of it once all my students are wearing it too. but for now i've bought the cutest little red skirt i've always dreamed of. perfect for the punk rock shows this weekend.

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First post 
11:23am 09/10/2004
mood: blank

I know they're kinda ordinary clothes, but i'm trying to get more sobriety in my image, so:


The white shirt got some white flowers embroidred, you can't see them though.  


Sonja, you infected me with your shopping disease virus... 
04:18pm 07/10/2004
  New t-shirt and pants

from General Pants (sorry Amy and Cybele, hehe)
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02:03am 02/10/2004
  I guess I forgot to ever post this picture:

Two days of accidental shopping...no school=too much time!
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this is what i looked like before the devil's wedding 
07:58pm 28/09/2004
mood: apathetic

date: 25th september

event: dress like its the devils wedding party

persona: the devil's bride

what: polka dot top from some shop, last minute purchase. (forgot i already had two tops very similar)

black and white stripy skirt. bought this in vienna, one of my favourites. now i wear it as a cute dress

necklaces: fake peals from my friend nat's grandma. other pearlesques: from a huge bag of plastic jewellery that my friend inherited from a kaput paddy's market stall

earrings: black plastic thunderbolts from a birthday package my friend sent me from tokyo

hair oh so white: magic silver white, a godsend

black fishnets with little polka dots: go to myer quickly and pick yourself up some, small stock, going quickly, coz i keep on getting holes


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Come anticipate spring with me... 
12:56pm 27/09/2004

hopefully, i'll be able to wear something like this soon.
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